Baby Blankets For Every Season

When buying baby blankets there is an approximately limitless variety of colors, materials and sizes to choose from. They are a great gift for expectant parents because they really cannot have too many!

The three most commonly used types are receiving, thermal or fleece. Receiving blankets are very lightweight and breathable, and they can be used to swaddle or cover baby. You can usually purchase these in packs of four or five.

Thermal or fleece blankets are very warm and are good for using during cold winter months. Plush blankets made of chenille, faux fur or velvet is also good during the cold winter months or anytime of the year since they are so cuddly and soft. You can click if you wish to get baby gowns and baby blankets or other baby accessories

Sleepsacks are also great "blankets" to use on newborn babies at bedtime. You can purchase sleeveless ones, or ones with sleeves, and they zip up so that you don't have to worry about your baby pulling their blanket over their face while they are sleeping. An important thing to think about when shopping for blankets for your baby is purchasing ones that are durable and easy to clean.

So you want to make sure that the blankets you get are machine washable, and durable enough to hold up through all the washing. Blankets can also be used to decorate your child's nursery. Hanging a quilt on the wall, or purchasing a blanket that goes with the decor of the room and draping it over a chair is a nice touch.

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