Good Scented Candle Choices for the Kitchen

Scented candles make phenomenal gifts since most people love them. After all, they have the ability to change the ambience and scent of a room, and they are inexpensive. Although the scent of a burning candle is often detected throughout a home, the source of some aromas are best suited for certain areas. For example, scents that some would choose for the bathroom are not necessarily ideal in the foyer. Although fragrance is a matter of personal preference, consider the following ideas and suggestions. Whether seeking gifts for others or pampering yourself, these are good scented candle choices for the kitchen. They are some of the most popular options, and for very good reason. Battle through the heavens

Consider a Fresh Fruit Scent

When wondering which kitchen candle to choose, consider a fresh and fruity fragrance. A fresh fruit-scented candle would be perfect for a bright and airy contemporary kitchen. After all, the scent of fresh fruit brings vivid colors to mind, even before noticing the source of the fragrance. Citrus, honeydew melon, pineapple and granny smith apple are just a few of the many fragrant options. Select your favorite according to scent, and finalize your decision based on color and style. It should look just as good as it smells, even before it is lit. 

The Fragrance of Freshly Baked Goods

Whether you love to whip up homemade baked goods or prefer to buy treats from a bakery, the smell of freshly baked goodies is extremely enticing. Not only does it conjure up images of glittery sugar-topped cookies and steaming fruit pies, but it also fills the home with a delightful scent that makes the mouth water. When seeking good scented candle choices for the kitchen, sugar cookie, apple pie and iced cinnamon roll are just a few of the many options. Upon entering the home, it will smell as if someone was baking. Family and guests will wonder where the goodies are stashed, and until they see the candle, they will wonder if you plan on sharing.

Cinnamon is a Phenomenal Choice

The scent of cinnamon is another kitchen candle favorite, and not just during the fall and winter months. It is highly aromatic and one of the most popular choices, especially when trying to eliminate less desirable odors. Since it is a stronger fragrance, it is often noticeable long before it is lit. It also brings to mind freshly baked goods. Best of all, you can create a whole new fragrance when used in conjunction with other scents. It smells great with cherry, vanilla, apple and number of other choices. They are combinations that go well together in candle gift baskets.

A Savory Herb Scented Candle is Ideal

Some of the very best scented candle choices for the kitchen are not sweet. The heart of the home is perfect for favorite herbal scents, and it is the ideal place for savory scented candles. They might include mint, cardamom, sage and lemongrass and zesty Tuscan herb. Whether the home is cottage-style, traditional or any other design, the kitchen can smell like a fresh herb garden. Place pots of fresh herbs


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