How to Keep Up Your Long Distance Friendship?

Your ability to keep long-distance online friendships alive may depend on your own gender, according to a brand new study.

Whereas a good chat on the phone is enough for women to remain close to each other, regular calls have absolutely no influence on men.

Based on psychologists at Oxford University, male pals need to help make the attempt to meet up face to face if their "bromance" would be to live.

Professor Robin Dunbar followed a group of 30 teenagers as they left home to start university or pursue professions, and discovered a "striking gender difference" in the variables that decided whether a friendship thrived or floundered.

He explained: "The caricature is in case you move away to another town, girls are going to be around the telephone or Facebook with each other to maintain the relationship going.

Guys want face time, not Facetime, for their friendship to last

Prof Dunbar explained that man camaraderie survive when mates meet up and do things together – whether it is a drink down the pub, watching the football, or playing a five a side game.

He believes that telephone calls work better for girls because friendships that are female have a greater intensity than male ones – and are far similar to romantic relationships, which may break catastrophically.

Due to this, girls are more inspired to safeguard their camaraderie – even.

Prof Dunbar is best known for his theory that primates, including humans, only have the mental capacity to keep a stable camaraderie with a maximum of 150 people.

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