Research Says Ibuprofen Doesn’t Work For Back Pain!

There's no point taking ibuprofen for your back pain – it doesn't work, new research suggests. Common over-the-counter drugs just provide one in six patients with any form of relief, scientists have found.

In fact, adults taking the cheap pills are truly three times more inclined to suffer from stomach ulcers, a study found.

Experts say the findings highlight the pressing must look elsewhere to heal twinges – with exercise being the only option that is effective.

Scientists have discovered that common over-the-counter drugs merely supply one in six patients with any type of relief

Back pain is common among adults and normally improves within a couple of weeks or months.

It is thought to impact four in five individuals at some time in their lifetime, with most cases being caused by lifting heavy things or crouching awkwardly.

Nonetheless, recent research has found that paracetamol is comparatively ineffective and opiods provide little advantage in comparison with placebo.

With stretches having proved to work in those harassed by the discomfort exercises are considered the primary option for most sufferers.

They analyzed 35 trials involved more than 6,000 patients taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) in the study printed in the journal Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases.

Grownups utilizing the common drug were almost three times more inclined to suffer from stomach ulcers and bleeding.

Study author Professor Manuela Ferreira said 'Back pain is the top cause of disability world-wide and is commonly managed by prescribing medicines for example anti-inflammatories. You can get more details on the topic at health forums

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