What are stanchions and where are they used?

Stanchions? What are these? … This is a kind of response that I usually get when I mention using stanchions for crowd control. It is actually true that most people never heard this word before. But this term is quite recognizable by anybody who owns a restaurant, club, showroom, bar, airport, warehouse, hotel, etc. The reason for that is because I believe they are the unsung heroes of these establishments. These not only keep your business organized but they also help keep things safe and orderly. Let’s be honest, when 100 people standing on the sidewalk waiting to get into the restaurant or clubs, you are going to want to keep it a safe environment.

So, now that you know where and why these crowd control marvels are mostly used, let me explain to you what exactly these things are. Basically these can be any type of post, barricade or rope that is used to keep people or things in a specific area. These vary in price from very cheap tp very expensive and come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and styles. What most people are probably most familiar are with the posts at the airports. These are typically known as retractable belt stanchions. 

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Michael Owen

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