Problems Encountered by Nigerian Entrepreneur and Possible Solutions

The achievement delighted in by most industrialized nations can be ascribed to the pretended by mechanical development and enterprise, both of which keep on driving their economies today. These two elements are viewed as key segments for the industrialization and advancement of African nations. The Nigerian government has perceived this reality and has taken measures went for advancing and developing the entrepreneurial culture in our nation. Through the Nigerian Investing Commission (NIC), our legislature has in the past presented an approach that required college understudies paying little mind to their zone of study to take courses in business enterprise. While our legislature is putting additional exertion in advancing business in Nigeria, there are still various issues that a Nigerian Entrepreneur faces. The following are a portion of the issues experienced and conceivable arrangements.  

* Diversifying the Economy

Despite the fact that our nation's economy has in the course of the last couple of decades depended intensely on its oil generation, we should discover approaches to expand our economy and maintain a strategic distance from the over dependence on oil. Like other creating nations, Nigeria is confronting an expansion in its unemployment rate that is currently at 6 % and is on the increment, with numerous graduates like Paul Bola thinking that its difficult to land positions while the vast majority of the individuals who land positions are underemployed. This combined with the worldwide money related emergency in which enormous quantities of representatives are being laid off; business enterprise is viewed as a vital key in the event that we need our nation to accomplish its aspiration of being an industrialized country by the year 2020.
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