Advantages of Blood Spill Kits

If you work in a setting where you work with blood spill kit, you already know the potential dangers associated with a spill in your environment. You also know that not only is there a distinct advantage to a spill kit designed for biohazards but that in most places it's also a legal requirement to running the company. There are a few different things included in cleaning up a biohazard spill and keeping workers safe.

Your work area more than likely contains a safety shower, eye wash station, and a hand washing sink as permanent fixtures. There should also be at least one biohazard spill kit on hand and well stocked at all times. The requirements for what this kit should include will vary depending on your location, but you can expect it to include the following: goggles for eye protection, gloves to protect hands, shoe covers, breathing masks, biohazard waste bags, disinfectants, sharp instrument containers and instruments for picking up sharp tools or objects such as broken glass. 

There are many advantages to this kit. The most obvious would be its attention to the safety of the people in the area. The contents are designed to isolate and clean the spill effectively while keeping the people dealing with the spill as safe as possible. 

Another advantage is the financial savings – by buying the kit, you're ensuring that you have everything you need to safely handle the spill without doing a lot of research. You also aren't spending extra money by buying each thing individually (and probably in bulk that you don't need). This saves you both money and valuable storage space.

As with any piece of equipment in your lab or work area, be sure to familiarize yourself and your colleagues with all the equipment. Your first concern in any work environment, and especially an inherently hazardous environment, should be safety. These kits will help to keep everyone in the area safe in the event of a biohazard spill.

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