Features to Look Out For When Buying Chemical Storage Cabinets

There are a few important things to be kept in mind when buying a chemical storage cabinet. Because of the flammable and corrosive nature of some chemicals, it is of utmost important that the cabinets have superior safety features. To ensure that a chemical storage cabinet is bought with the combination of right features, we have surmised the top factors that one should be aware of.

1)Cabinets For Corrosive Chemicals

Code compliant durable steel is strong and tenacious. They are appropriate for storing solvents, combustibles and corrosive chemicals. Steel can go long periods of time without chemicals affecting their material body thus providing a good shelter for chemicals that are destructive.

2)Cabinets For Acids and Bases

When looking for a lab friendly , high school cabinet, one should opt for cabinets made of steel, polyethylene or wood. Cabinets made of these materials act as a good resistant and provide a sheltered and intact environment for harsh chemicals; acids and bases.

3)Cabinets For General Storage

A general storage cabinet can be used for chemicals that are used on a day to day basis. Such general storage cabinets are made of polypropylene for its strength and durability. These cabinets can hold spilled liquid for up to 12 hours giving one enough time to get the trays changed.

4)Cabinets For Storing Poisonous Chemicals

Cabinets for storing highly poisonous chemicals are made of high density premium quality plywood. They are compact and come with high safety lock facilities to protect against theft. Most of these cabinets are constructed in a manner to protect against liquid spillage thereby protecting the environment.

5) Cabinets For Flammables

Flammables cabinet come in different shapes and sizes to be stored in science departments, high school labs as well as high end science labs. These cabinets too are made of high density superior grade plywood and have high resistance towards spilled liquids. Ideal, flammable cabinets have self closing doors to prevent any contact with chemicals, in case spilled.

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